Backlit LED house numbers under 40$

Posted 15 Dec 2018

We saw backlit led house numbers on one of our travel to Japan. When we got back I looked it up online, each individual numbers costed on average $100. After we put in landscape lights, i felt it was right time to try this project.

Things needed :

  1. Floating house numbers

  2. Waterproof LED strip

  3. Lead free solder

  4. Soldering kit

  5. 20 AWG wire - Used old CAT6 cable

Step by step instructions

Step 1:
Measure how much led strip you want for each number and cut the led strip along the cut mark

led strip

Step 2:
Expose the leads on the back of the strip

exposed lead

Step 3:
Solder 20AWG wire to the 2 leads

soldered solder otherside

Step 4:
Make sure you test to see if it is all working as expected

Step 5:
Build a base for the numbers and drill marker holes using the template provided

mark numbers

Step 6:
Drill extra hole for the wires, make sure the extra hole hides under the number Note: a) use drill bit size lower than whats listed in the instructions b) screw in the mounting screws to the number and gently press the number in to the hole that you have drilled

drill holes

Step 7:
Combine the wires from the 3 letters to longer wire that connects to the 12v source

wire final look