Posted 22 Oct 2018

Our rental entrance side of the house receives very little sun shine. We saw this style of planter on side of a coffee shop. We couldn’t find one online and decided to build it.

Planter box is 2 ft in height, 8 ft width

Things needed :

  1. 1 in. x 4 in. x 8 ft. need 14 planks for 2 ft planter box

12 planks for the sides and other 2 cut into 1 feet pieces for center joint

  1. 2 in. x 4 in. x 8 ft. douglas fir lumber 3 planks cut into 3 ft pieces

  2. Kreg Jig, if not use different joint

  3. Urethane for weather resistant finish

  4. Weed barrier fabric

Step by step instructions

Step 1:
Use kreg jig to make 2 holes on each side of 1 feet center piece. 4 holes in total.

center piece

Step 2:
Use outdoor blue kote or deck screws to join the wood planks together.

kreg joint first section

Step 3:
Join the 2x4 3 ft piece to one of the corners. Do the same on all 4 corners.

deck screw joint first section

Step 4:
Make rectangle plank joins and add to existing owners using spacers

build and join more planks use spacers as you join

Step 5:
Add center support Note: I used 1x4 instead 2x4 would have provided more center support. Nothing wrong with 1x4, just that 2x4 is better.

add center supprt

Step 6:
[Optional] add additional supports at the bottom add center supprt

Step 7:
Stain and external finish to the planter box

add center support

Step 8:
set in ground

set in ground

Step 9:
add inner liner and fill in with dirt

add inner liner

Step 10:
1 year later look

1 year later look