Solid Home security without monthly 40$ fee

Our very first DIY project, we took a bit of risk in going with painting kitchen cabinets. We figured it can't get any worse :)

4 Jan 2019

Rolling gate 100$

AJ wanted a big gate, 6 ft wide because of its location regular swinging door didn't work. Hence a rolling gate, issue was couldn't find any DIY article on it.

22 Dec 2018

Backlit LED house numbers under 40$

We put in fence to provide space for our toddler to run around. We saw this on our travel, online one number sells for average 100$. We did it ourselves under 40$ for all 3 numbers.

15 Dec 2018

Extendable round Dining Table under 150$

My graduation to mid-level DIY project

28 Oct 2018

Landscape lighting on a budget

Our favorite project of spring 2018. We have over 25 trees in our small backyard (tree are packed, planted too close by previous owners) which gets pretty dark fast, this project transforms the space to avatar's pandora at night

22 Oct 2018


Coming soon: One of our favorite projects of this summer

22 Oct 2018

String Lights

Bring European cafe lights to your backyard

22 Oct 2018

kid bed frame with railings under 50$

Our son hates his crib, we looked online for bed with railings. It was so pricey and we weren't sure if he would like it, so we decided to build him a custom bed with railings

22 Oct 2018


Classy planter box for 80$

22 Oct 2018

baby gate under 20$

Much needed addition to keep our toddler safe from coming to kitchen while cooking and easy enough to keep an eye on him

20 Oct 2017