Rolling gate 100$

Posted 22 Dec 2018

We couldn’t find any good DIY article on building a rolling gate. We pieced different information and filled in missing links to create one of a kind rolling gate.

Things needed :

  1. Aleko V-track

  2. V Groove Rollers

    Depending on how big your gate is you might need 2 pairs.

  3. Barn door guides

    Put in WD-40 to avoid rusting

  4. 2 inch or 2 14 inch concrete anchors

    Try home depot for tapcon concrete anchors, 2 inch or longer than that works best.

  5. Rent Concrete Drill

    I borrowed concrete drill from a very friendly neighbor.

  6. Ready mix Concrete for slabs

    how much concrete sheet

Step by step instructions

Step 1:
Make sure you have supporting fence post. 2 to 3 feet apart, instead of regular 6 feet apart.

two posts

In our case, when we planned the placement of fence post. We had 2 fence post 2 feet apart to support and guide the rolling gate.

Step 2:
Build your gate frame

gate frame

Step 3:
Evenly place the v-groove rollers

place v-groove rollers

Step 4:
Place the v-track and measure how long you want to dig 6 inch x 4 inch deep mini trench Also where to place top guides for the gate

place v track railing

mini trench

Step 5:
Based on step 4, add barn door guides to the post

barn guides

barn guides

barn guides

Step 6:
Add supporting wood structure and add an inch of gravel at the bottom of the mini trench

Step 7:
Follow instruction on how much water to add to the concrete and pour the concrete

pour concrete

Step 7:
Level the concrete, i used a wood slab and level guide.

Step 8:
Drill 2 holes on each side 1 feet from the end. And another 2 holes in the center.

Once you drill holes on the v-track. Place it on top of concrete and mark the spot. Drill holes on concrete using concrete drill. Make sure you follow instruction as specified on the concrete anchor for drill bit size.

NOTE: make sure you match the right drill bit for both drilling holes on the v-track and on to the concrete. I found this to be hard task

drill and put concrete anchors

Step 9:
Test it out

finished, gate on top of inverted guide rail

Step 10:
Finish with cedar boards, handles on the outside and inside

handle bar