String Lights

Posted 22 Oct 2018

On our trip to Italy after cruise ship tourist and day trippers have gone, we went on a late evening walk into the neighborhood we were staying in. We came across this restaurants with outdoor seating and there we first saw String lights. Ever since we wanted to bring that experience food as well as the lighting. When we found the lights in Costco we decided into recreate the settings.

Here is how we did it

Things needed :

  1. Feit 48’ LED Filament String Light Set We did a cross pattern with 2 x 48’ lights

  2. Stainless Screw Eye 14 in x 2 12 in

  3. Chain Clamp Set 332 in - 18 in One for each end of the cable, we had 2 string light sets crossing each other, so we bought 4 sets

  4. Stainless Hook and Eye Turnbuckle

  5. Galvanized Steel Wire

  6. Zip Ties

Step by step instructions

Step 1:
Identify pole, tree or roof fascia. In our case, we had one end on cedar tree (hence stainless steel, not to damage the tree or cambium) and other end on roof fascia.

hook eye in roof fascia hook eye in tree

Step 2:
Measure the distance between the 2 ends of your pole/tree/roof fascia or other combination and cut the wire with 12 or more inchs extra. 6 inch on each side, so has enough to bend around the clamp set. We will later use turn buckle to tighten the wire.

Step 3:
Connect wire with screw eye and clamp set

wire connected to screw eye and clamp set

Step 4:
Now screw the screw eye into one end of tree/roof fascia/pole. I screwed the screw eye into tree. Makes it easier for the next step putting the turn buckle into roof.

wire connected to tree

Step 5:
connect the other end of the wire to the turnbuckle, now make sure the wire is 95% tight.

wire connected to eye side of turnbuckle

Step 5:
connect the hook end of turnbuckle to screw eye. In our case it was the roof fascia.

turnbuckle hook connected to screw eye

Step 6:
Add string lights and zip tie them to the wire string lights attached to wire using zip tie

Step 7:
connect it to GFCI outlet and you got yourself a beautiful backyard entertainment place.

differnt angle